Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events


June Dates

June 1 – SOL Grade 4 Reading
June 2 – SOL Grade 3 Reading 1
June 2 – STEM Club
June 3 – SOL Grade 3 Reading 2
June 3 – VIE Tea
June 4 – SOL Grade 3 Math 1
June 4 – STEM Club
June 4 – Detention
June 5 – SOL Grade 3 Math 2
June 8 – SOL Grade 5 Reading
June 8 – PTA Board Meeting
June 9 – SOL Grade 5 Math 1
June 9 – STEM Club
June 10 – SOL Grade 5 Math 2
June 10 – SCA
June 11 – SOL Grade 5 History
June 11 – Grade 3 to Hunt Club
June 11 – STEM Club
June 11 – Detention
June 12 – SOL Grade 5 Science
June 12 – STEM Challenge
June 12 – Grade 2 to Zoo
June 13 – PTA Spring Carnival
June 15 – SOL Make-ups
June 16 – SOL Make-ups
June 16 – Grade 5 Picnic and Dance
June 16 – Kindergarten Promotion
June 17 – SOL Make-ups
June 17 – Character Education Celebration
June 18 – SOL Make-ups
June 18 – Adjusted Dismissal
June 19 – Staff Day

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In the News

(Spring Carnival)

Due to unfavorable weather in the forecast, the PTA Spring Carnival that was scheduled for Saturday, April 25, has been postponed until Saturday, June 13. If we move the Carnival inside, we cannot have the Petting Zoo or the Dunk Tank, which have many of the children very excited ! Hopefully, on June13 we will have a nice, sunny day so that all of the planned events can be enjoyed; however, this is our final day for the Carnival so it will be held rain or shine! Mark your calendars now for Saturday, June 13!

Book Fair Buddies

KelseyThe kindergarten students at Windsor Oaks Elementary got a little help from their fourth and fifth grade buddies at the Book Fair. Fourth and fifth grade students guided the kindergarteners around the Book Fair and helped them complete their preview sheets, listing what books they hoped to purchase.



Wear Red Day

KelseyThe Windsor Oaks staff showed their support for the American Heart Association by participating in National Wear Red Day. This year's event at Windsor Oaks honored two heart surgery survivors: Joe Skiles, DSS, and Caroline Stahl, daughter of third grade teacher Magan Stahl. Over $270 was collected.

ROS Highest Achievers

KelseyThe students at Windsor Oaks are working hard to prepare for the SOL tests! Proudly showing off their trophies are the ROS Highest Score Achievers from Mrs. Miles and Mrs. Karacsonyi’s fifth grade classes.



STEM Club Circuit Boards

KelseySTEM club members show their successful attempt at getting their circuit board to light.

Watershed Lesson

Mrs. Sclafani's 4th grade class at Windsor Oaks ES enjoyed observing how a watershed is impacted by pollutants.






Circumference and Diameter Lesson

A Windsor Oaks Elementary students in Mrs. Miles' math class learned about circumference and diameter during a recent hands-on activity. The students formed a "live circle" while participating in the fun lesson.





Snail Science

The Virginia Aquarium visited Windsor Oaks Elementary and brought some snails to help teach the scientific investigation process! Students were given the opportunity to learn about snails then conduct a hands on experiment.







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